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SEUS PE Shader for Minecraft PE 1.12+

Are you looking for realistic shaders for Minecraft PE? Then pay attention to this shader which is not simple textures. After loading your game you will see a totally different world around you. It's a new realistic sun and water, as well as the amazing shadows and lighting.

Currently, it is almost all the main features. There is no wind or moving vegetation, but the shader is among the best for MCPE 1.12 even without it. Below you can download a special version for your device.
By: Gabriel Paixã

Changelog SEUS PE ULTRA:

Great update with ripples on the water, new shadows and many other features
Support for Minecraft PE 1.12.0 (1.13 Beta)
The only ultra version

SEUS PE Shader for Minecraft PE
SEUS PE Shader for Minecraft PE
SEUS PE Shader for Minecraft PE
SEUS PE Shader for Minecraft PE

Changelog SEUS PE v10.1:

The first beta version for Minecraft PE (this is the latest version at the moment)
There may be some bugs. Please wait for the stable version

How to install the SEUS PE Shader:

1. Select the appropriate version depending on the characteristics of your device. But for testing is recommended to install the medium version.
2. Go to the game settings, then select the global resources and activate the downloaded resource pack.
3. Restart Minecraft Bedrock.

Download SEUS PE Shader Low Ver
Download SEUS PE Shader Medium Ver
Download SEUS PE Shader Ultra Ver
Download SEUS PE Shader Ultra for Minecraft PE 1.12+


Putra (10 January 2020 22:46)
Group: Guest
Ferefe (7 January 2020 16:35)
Group: Guest
Sksksk and i oop- (8 October 2019 08:07)
Group: Guest
Quote: Extreme Alier
Please help !... 😫

I was trying to use this shader (SEUS PE) so I downloaded the ultra version on version 1.12 and I can't open the original MCPE (because it isn't the paid version 😓) so i used "BlockLauncher for MCPE" which I use to open minecraft without showing the license message and it can be used to activate hacked clients and to (supposedly) activate mods too and it have allot of really good features but when I used this shader pack all I saw was a round sun and black sky as if there was a storm or something so I didn't like it and removed the shader pack and deleted it because it was ugly when I used it and then I played normally and after I finished playing I closed the app and then.. the next time I opened the game .... The game CRASHED and I tried to open it again (I thought that my device was lagging or something) and I tried more than 8 times and then I started to worry and remembered that there were comments that said that when you use SEUS PE shaders it will make minecraft crash every time you open it and then I started to worry ALLOT and I tried to open it for over 27 times but the same thing happened over and over and over again then I tried doing things like clearing cache or cleaning data or Both and even tried deleting Any file that seemed to be the remainings of SEUS PE shader pack and I even searched on anything in anyway to help me but I couldn't find anything to help me..... Please HELP (I even use this app to record minecraft videos 😢)
Just use the fucking pais version like anybody does.
Khalid (25 September 2019 12:11)
Group: Guest
Sandy ahmad (16 September 2019 07:36)
Group: Guest
Wow the best
Kaique (14 September 2019 17:26)
Group: Guest
Jonny (13 September 2019 16:37)
Group: Guest
All it's doing for me is making villagers and signs invisible
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