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Linux Shaders for Minecraft BE (Android & iOS)

This time you can test the Linux Shaders and decide how much Minecraft has changed. In most cases, you will like this shader, especially since it was developed on the latest release - Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.9. This version guarantees stable performance and no bugs.

By: SdgShaders

Linux Shaders for Minecraft BE (Android & iOS)
Linux Shaders for Minecraft BE (Android & iOS)
Many other shaders have one big disadvantage which is in the lighting, very often the creators greatly increase the contrast and it becomes unacceptable. There are no such flaws in the Linux Shaders although you may see some imperfections playing MCPE 1.11.

Linux Shaders for Minecraft BE
As for features, the shader includes everything that adds realism and smooth, and most importantly, pleasant lighting. First of all, the Linux Shaders is a perfectly assembled graphics set that works optimally on both Android and iOS and even Win10.

How to install the Linux Shaders?

1. Download the pack and open it using MCPE.
2. Go to the game settings and activate the shader.

Download Linux Shaders for Minecraft PE (Android & iOS)


Yhiago (1 March 2020 21:01)
Group: Guest
victoria (29 November 2019 14:32)
Group: Guest
so i have an ios. how do i get it to go into the game??? what do i do after i go to files (that’s where it takes me).

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