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For-Minecraft.com » Shaders for Minecraft PE » SEUS PE Shader for Minecraft PE 1.12+

SEUS PE Shader for Minecraft PE 1.12+

Are you looking for realistic shaders for Minecraft PE? Then pay attention to this shader which is not simple textures. After loading your game you will see a totally different world around you. It's a new realistic sun and water, as well as the amazing shadows and lighting.

Currently, it is almost all the main features. There is no wind or moving vegetation, but the shader is among the best for MCPE 1.12 even without it. Below you can download a special version for your device.
By: Gabriel Paixã

Changelog SEUS PE ULTRA:

Great update with ripples on the water, new shadows and many other features
Support for Minecraft PE 1.12.0 (1.13 Beta)
The only ultra version

SEUS PE Shader for Minecraft PE
SEUS PE Shader for Minecraft PE
SEUS PE Shader for Minecraft PE
SEUS PE Shader for Minecraft PE

Changelog SEUS PE v10.1:

The first beta version for Minecraft PE (this is the latest version at the moment)
There may be some bugs. Please wait for the stable version

How to install the SEUS PE Shader:

1. Select the appropriate version depending on the characteristics of your device. But for testing is recommended to install the medium version.
2. Go to the game settings, then select the global resources and activate the downloaded resource pack.
3. Restart Minecraft Bedrock.

Download SEUS PE Shader Low Ver
Download SEUS PE Shader Medium Ver
Download SEUS PE Shader Ultra Ver
Download SEUS PE Shader Ultra for Minecraft PE 1.12+


이 세계 마왕쳅터 (23 February 2021 20:53)
Group: Guest
Lance_Aldrei (16 February 2021 04:49)
Group: Guest
Keep updating this shader this is beautiful.

Edge of lave have a shadow
Laila (12 January 2021 00:56)
Group: Guest
Fctloe (7 January 2021 17:02)
Group: Guest
I need this
FARIZ (1 January 2021 22:46)
Group: Guest
Terimah kasih
Padil (1 January 2021 19:38)
Group: Guest
Saya mau bang
Kapa (5 December 2020 05:19)
Group: Guest

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