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For-Minecraft.com » Servers for Minecraft Pocket Edition » EmperialsPE Server for Minecraft PE 1.13

EmperialsPE Server for Minecraft PE 1.13

Using the search word "SkyBlock" on the site you will find many maps for Minecraft PE from classic to advanced. They work great, but the fact is that you will play alone. In those cases when you need multiplayer and SkyBlock combined, then join EmperialsPE. This is a large server project including the mini-game itself as well as many branches and amenities.

Why is EmperialsPE the best?

There is everything for a comfortable game of SkyBlock on the latest updates of Minecraft PE 1.13.0. This is a great playground where you start your own island among many other players.

Base SkyBlock Island:

12x12 Area
Small Destroyed House
Small Wheat Farm
Simplest Cobblestone Generator

How to generate an island?

After you join the game, type /is create. There are several heavenly islands, depending on your rank, you can choose one or the other. The base island is a small area where there is everything necessary for further development.

Store system:

Another big plus are traders. After talking with them, you can purchase certain items and return back to the island. There are grocery, construction, weapons and other categories of goods with reasonable prices.

EmperialsPE Server for Minecraft PE 1.13
EmperialsPE Server for Minecraft PE 1.13


ESPE is not limited to just SkyBlock; You can also earn money by selling created or mined blocks, objects, plants, food. There is a ranking system that affects your privileges.

EmperialsPE Server for Minecraft PE 1.13
Play with friends on the same island, compete with other players, earn points and enjoy smart survival on EmperialsPE for Bedrock Edition.

IP: play.emperials.net:19132


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