» » GameTeam Minecraft BE Server (1.7)

GameTeam Minecraft BE Server (1.7)

Look for a flexible server like LifeBoat but less populated where not many people play? We present to you the GameTeam server which combines several different modes. You can instantly switch between them by choosing the appropriate one yourself. You are offered the following game modes to which you can join whenever you want.

GameTeam Minecraft BE Server
GameTeam Minecraft BE Server
GameTeam Minecraft BE Server


The Murder - Playing it you must find the killer or kill the rest of the players if you yourself are the killer

BedWars - Gather resources, buy equipment, kill all enemies and destroy their bed

Annihilation - Burning materials, making weapons and armor and destroying your opponents

Creative - Join and build everything that comes into your head

BuildBattle - Do you think you can build better? Compare your builder skills with other players

IP: Pe.GameTeam.cz


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