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OwnagePE Server for Minecraft PE

OwnagePE is a platform where there is no one who does not fight. This server is more like Mount and Blade in Minecraft PE where there is no situation where players simply stand and communicate. The server was developed based on PvP and all that applies to it: potions, charms, tools and armor, and much more.

OwnagePE Server for Minecraft PE
OwnagePE Server for Minecraft PE
OwnagePE Server for Minecraft PE

Money, kits, ranks:

An important component is the shop and the money that you can earn in various ways. The most elementary is the killing of other players in arenas, but there are ways to farm. Earned funds can be spent on the upgrade itself buying weapons, new clothes, magic potions and charms.

Do you have a worst enemy you can't kill? Offer a bounty on his head and then someone will do the work for you. And thanks to ready kits, the game becomes very dynamic and fast. See other features on OwnagePE joining by IP.

IP: ownagepe.com


Guest Zedstar16 (4 March 2019 10:46)
Group: Guest
Thanks for your review.
It's nice to know that our features are appreciated,
We are still developing even more to come ;)
~Zedstar16, SrAdmin & Developer at OwnagePE

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