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BuildMCPE Server (MCBE 1.5)

By logging into the server, you can do anything from PvP to exploring the world and other dimensions. You build your own game and decide what to do and how to spend your day. Thanks to the economic system, shops and markets, you can purchase new enchants, upgrade your armor and weapons, buy rare blocks of items and build your first house on your own site.

BuildMCPE Server (MCBE 1.5)

What is interesting?

Kits for all players from beginner to experienced player
Custom enchants that can be purchased on the spawn
You want blood? Go to special PvP sites
Several maps with dimensions
Jobs for every taste, want to be a miner and get paid then get a job and take a pick
UI shops and markets
Quests and events for interesting pastime

BuildMCPE Server (MCBE 1.5)
BuildMCPE Server (MCBE 1.5)

Where to begin?

Everything is just you need to spawn in the center and look around. Different shops and auxiliary buildings are around, go inside and explore the first steps on the BuildMCPE Server.

BuildMCPE Server (MCBE 1.5)

IP: buildmcpe.eu:19132


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