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For-Minecraft.com » Seeds for Minecraft PE » Snowy Mountains Seed for Minecraft 1.20

Snowy Mountains Seed for Minecraft 1.20

With the beginning of winter, you should definitely go to this unforgettable place, generated by Minecraft without additional scripts. Everything that is presented here is a creation of game generation, which means you just have to type these numbers without installing anything else and enjoy the incredible views. So the pre-Christmas seed is already here and here are its features that you should know about first of all.

By: Minecraft & Chill

Snowy Mountains Seed for Minecraft 1.20

High snowy mountains:

This is how this seed can be described in a few words. The height of the mountains is amazing - these are real natural walls protecting from everything that can come from nowhere. This is important when you are building a large base isolated from the environment.

No one around:

Another important factor in the interest of this seed is the absence of living creatures around. You can see lonely mobs spawning very rarely, but there is no one else.

More snow seeds in the video:

Watch this compilation of 20 snow seeds to be sure to find one for your new start in Minecraft PE 1.20.

Snowy Mountains Seed

Seed: 5613582850711657248


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