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For-Minecraft.com » Seeds for Minecraft PE » Bamboo Island Seed for Minecraft PE 1.20

Bamboo Island Seed for Minecraft PE 1.20

This is the first seed for Minecraft 1.20 of Bedrock Edition that supports all the latest features from betas and preview. It is not some big structure or unique biome, but a tropical island surrounded by the ocean - a great place to seclude from the rest of the world, leaving behind endless chunks of continents.

By: Minecraft & Chill

Island dimensions:

The first thing that catches your eye is the area of the island limited to 70 blocks in length. Placing a small house with an underground tunnel or aquarium fits perfectly with the scale of this island, however. You actually have a lot of work to do in designing and setting up the area in order to properly place your home there.

Bamboo Island Seed for Minecraft PE 1.20
Bamboo Island Seed for Minecraft PE 1.20

Bamboo and pandas:

As a seed for MCPE 1.20, it doesn't showcase any new gameplay features, but it does ensure that this seed is correctly generated instead. A feature of the island has become bamboo growing throughout the area. You can always populate it with pandas and live there with big furry neighbors.

Bamboo Island Seed
Bamboo Island Seed

Seed: 120637665933994616


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