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For-Minecraft.com » Seeds for Minecraft PE » SkyBlock Seed for Minecraft PE 1.18

SkyBlock Seed for Minecraft PE 1.18

It's amazing how the world generation was able to create something similar to what has existed for many years. This is SkyBlock (a game where you are on a tiny island and there is nothing around you) and it would be complete if it had a chest with a starter kit. Unfortunately it doesn't have that but anyway it's very similar to SkyBlock and here's why.

By: Minecraft & Chill

Floating Island:

This island of several dirt blocks is high in the air - it's not void, but it's high enough to be isolated from the outside world (at least until you have a stack of dirt).

SkyBlock Seed for Minecraft PE 1.18
SkyBlock Seed for Minecraft PE 1.18
SkyBlock Seed for Minecraft PE 1.18
What will you find there? Nothing, this is actually a tiny platform where you can start your survival if you bring along a sapling, lava bucket, mushrooms, bones, sugar cane and some other items that are a must for this mode.

SkyBlock Seed
SkyBlock Seed
SkyBlock Seed

Real SkyBlock for MCPE:

In a general sense, this seed is only trying to look like SkyBlock, but it certainly isn't. There is a freshly updated 2022 Skyblock Map adapted for Minecraft PE 1.18 and the next 1.19 for the foreseeable future. Start playing this map and complete all achievements.

Seed: 1525593789

Coords: -944, 169, -1784


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