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For-Minecraft.com » Seeds for Minecraft PE » Three Spawners Seed for Minecraft PE

Three Spawners Seed for Minecraft PE

Approach the spawn at arm's length using this seed. But instead of one, today's seed will provide you immediately with three spawners that are difficult to find if you do not know their coordinates. But before you start, visit the nearest villages to take along free loot and also trade if you want.

Found by Beat Craft (YouTube)

Nearest villages:

This seed could be an exception to the rule, but not one can do without villages. Go to any of them and get some food, tools and possibly the simplest weapons. The villagers are always happy to meet you and offer their goods for sale. But do not linger for a long time and continue to move on using the coordinates.

Spawners and coordinates:

Spawner #1 Cave (98,59,-28)
Spawner #2 Abandoned mine (175,78,29)
Spawner #3 Mountain (2179,64,-639)

What to do with them?

Well, there are different ways to use spawners for your own purposes. Usually, spawners are an endless source of loot for a small farm. Players build their farms right around the spawn, surrounding it with mechanisms. Try it with redstone and auxiliary blocks. Spawner gives birth to mobs one after another after a certain amount of time and you can provide yourself with different items.

Three Spawners Seed for Minecraft PE
Three Spawners Seed for Minecraft PE
For PvP tasks, spawners come in handy even more as they create several aggressive entities at a time. You no longer need to look for opponents, now they appear right next to you.

Seed: 1588421523


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