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For-Minecraft.com » Seeds for Minecraft PE » Broken Seed for Minecraft PE 1.13

Broken Seed for Minecraft PE 1.13

The game did some work on this seed and made it the most unusual. This is a really broken seed for Bedrock Edition that differs from the normal ones in that it contains the strangest structures with a bunch of glitches. This seed will appeal to players who love supernatural things such as floating houses or structures in ravines.

By: CallumGaming

What is broken?

After you start Minecraft PE with this seed, you will find amazing villages. There are a lot of them and they surround the players spawn. There are villages in the forest, desert, mesa, and almost all of them were generated very strange.

First, go to the village on the plain. Its interesting feature is houses built directly above the ravine. These houses are inhabited by villagers and they sometimes go out onto the porch to look down again.

A desert village is built on the border between the desert and mesa. This is sometimes found in other MCPE seeds, but here half of the buildings are located in both biomes.

Nearby you can find a pillager camp which, by a lucky coincidence, is also located above the ravine. The pillagers built one of the jail cages directly in the ravine, go down to see this.

And in the end, this seed is very rich and offers you to get diamonds and loot from the chests by looking into the villages and exploring ravines and temples.

Broken Seed for Minecraft PE 1.13
Broken Seed for Minecraft PE 1.13
Broken Seed for Minecraft PE 1.13

Seed: Pluto


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