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Underwater Seed for Minecraft PE

If you devote all your time to underwater adventures, then you should pay attention to this seed. It will allow you to start very quickly next to several underwater structures and other unusual things generated by Minecraft Bedrock. First of all there is an underwater temple. Then you can find the sunken ship and then stumble upon the ruins.

Found by: Bryant Vidals

Underwater temple:

This is a large underwater structure guarded by guards around the perimeter. There are many rooms and spaces where you can get lost. This will waste your time and air, so take underwater breath potions or blocks so you can build small spaces with air. Look for jewels and defeat all the guards, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to move.


This structure is less rich than the monument but is simpler to explore. You are unlikely to be in danger and you can easily loot the whole ship. Look for several chests as one of them has a treasure map.


Well, the simplest task - explore the ancient ruins. Maybe you get a few things in just a few minutes. They are useful for the beginning of the survival and the birth of your first base.


The last interesting place under the water is the coral bottom. It literally shines and immediately catches the eye. Get interested corals and make sure that they do not dry out.

Underwater Seed for Minecraft PE
Underwater Seed for Minecraft PE

Seed: 1048812497


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