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For-Minecraft.com » Plugins for Minecraft PE » Shop Plugin for Minecraft BE 1.20

Shop Plugin for Minecraft BE 1.20

Create your own shop open to other players in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. With this plugin or addon (there is no difference in which mode you use RP solo or multiplayer), you will become the owner of a small trading store, putting up for sale everything you want at a price you set.

By: Skyazyxx_

Forming the assortment:

It all starts with creating your own trading shop. Using a shop item (also /give @s shop:open if there is no shop item) opens the store interface where items are purchased and sold. In Minecraft PE, everything works through windows like other shop plugins.

Shop Plugin for Minecraft BE 1.20
Shop Plugin for Minecraft BE 1.20


You choose which item to sell and at what price. Use the switch to buy or sell instantly. You also set the price based on the local market and the rarity of the item you want to sell.

Shop Plugin
Shop Plugin

Shop interface:

As a plugin, it has a fairly simple and intuitive interface. Setting money on the balance is available via /scoreboard players add @s money [amount] as shown in the screenshot.

Download Shop Plugin v2.0 for Minecraft PE 1.20


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