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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » My Little Pony Mod for MCPE 1.20

My Little Pony Mod for MCPE 1.20

This version features 10 ponies with unique abilities for each and now you can become a pony yourself. My Little Pony Mod or more correctly the addon brings in all the ponies and makes them similar to the original ones. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition they can fly, run very quickly, teleport and even attack, they are not as goody-goody as you think.

By: BlazingFire203

All the ponies:

• Unicorn
• Pegasus
• Alicorn
• Twilight
• Rarity
• Pinkiepie
• Fluttershy
• Applejack
• Rainbowdash
• Lyra Heartstrings

My Little Pony Mod for MCPE 1.20
My Little Pony Mod for MCPE 1.20
My Little Pony Mod for MCPE 1.20

Pony Abilities:

You will find that some ponies can do things that others cannot. For example, unicorns can teleport a short distance, avoiding enemies or stepping over obstacles.

My Little Pony Mod
My Little Pony Mod
The strongest is Pegasus, which develops great speed. He is not against attacking opponents if he wants to fight.


Besides meeting ponies around the world, turning into a pony is another feature that you can take advantage of. Morphing works through items with ponies in the creative inventory.

Download My Little Pony Addon v1.1.0 for Minecraft PE 1.20


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