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Twilight Shaders (Minecraft PE

Twilight Shaders combine almost all the features such as shadows, smooth lighting, realistic water, clouds and more. This pack supports both iOS and Android os, so 90% of players can install it. The sky no longer looks square, clouds have much in common with real nature. Your character casts a shadow, which is rarely found in other shaders.

Creator: AkihiroSan

Twilight Shaders (Minecraft PE
Twilight Shaders (Minecraft PE

Twilight Shaders main features:

There are Shadows that dynamically change depending on the position of the player.
The sun, clouds and moon are changed in such a way that players as often as possible look at the sky. :)
The liquids have a realistic appearance, the water is transparent.
Updated lighting system.
Improved colors.

Twilight Shaders (Minecraft PE
Twilight Shaders (Minecraft PE
Twilight Shaders (Minecraft PE
Twilight Shaders (Minecraft PE

In truth, the creator did not add only the wind because of what the foliage and grass do not move
If he does this, the Twilight Shaders will become a full-fledged pack that can compete with other popular shaders for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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