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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » 3D Weapons Pack v1.11 for Minecraft PE 1.20/1.21

3D Weapons Pack v1.11 for Minecraft PE 1.20/1.21

Both weapons and extremely useful items for survival are what today’s 3D Weapons Pack consists of. It provides more than 20 detailed and well-modeled items for players who are at home once a week spending all their free time in epic battles.

By: Beyond64

Changelog v1.11:

- New weapons have been added and are now divided into categories
- Added mana for superattack (weapons that have this)
- Now all available information on weapons and abilities is in the starting guide (book of knowledge)
- Added new recipes
- Minecraft BE 1.21 support

3D Weapons Pack for Minecraft PE 1.20
3D Weapons Pack for Minecraft PE 1.20

List of items (weapons, ores and armor):

• Circus Cluster
• Basic Hammer
• Skull Wand
• Stink Potion
• Heal Hearb
• Stink Potion
• Leg Break Potion
• Poison Bone
• Poison Bone Block
• Steel Stone Ore
• Steel Stone Ingot
• Steel Stone Block
• Cluster Bomb
• Circus Hat Set
• Circus Ingot

3D Weapons Pack
3D Weapons Pack

Use of weapons and their modifications:

Once an item is crafted, it can be further modified according to the recipes below (not applicable to all items). Modifications improve properties by increasing the damage or duration of effects applied by it. Follow these recipes and get a powerful set of combat weapons to defeat any opponent.

Crafting recipes:

Download 3D Weapons Pack v1.1 for Minecraft PE 1.20
Download 3D Weapons Pack v1.11 for Minecraft PE 1.21


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