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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Cave Plus Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13

Cave Plus Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13

According to rumors, the next Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.14 update may become a cave one and globally change the entire cave system in the game. But until this happens, you can do it yourself by adding this addon to your library. First of all, these are 17 functional ores that can be melted into ingots and then into objects like vanilla items in MCPE.

By: Swival

Cave Plus Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13

New blocks, ores, weapons:

Block Of Copper
Copper Brick
Copper Ore
Copper Sword | +5 Attack Damage
Copper Ingot
Block Of Zinc
Zinc Brick
Zinc Ore
Zinc Ingot
Block Of Tin
Tin Brick
Tin Ore
Tin Ingot
Block Of Silver
Silver Brick
Silver Ore
Silver Sword | +5 Attack Damage
Silver Ingot
Block Of Brass
Brass Brick
Brass Ore
Brass Sword | +5 Attack Damage
Brass Ingot
Block Of Bronze
Bronze Brick
Bronze Ore
Bronze Sword | +5 Attack Damage
Bronze Ingot
Block Of Steel
Steel Brick
Steel Ore
Steel Sword | +5 Attack Damage
Steel Ingot
Block Of Damascus Steel
Damascus Steel Brick
Damascus Steel Ore
Damascus Steel Sword | +6 Attack Damage
Damascus Steel Ingot
Block Of Angmallen
Angmallen Brick
Angmallen Ore
Angmallen Sword | +6 Attack Damage
Angmallen Ingot
Block Of Hepatizon
Hepatizon Brick
Hepatizon Ore
Hepatizon Sword | +5 Attack Damage
Hepatizon Ingot
Block Of Electrum
Electrum Brick
Electrum Ore
Electrum Sword | +5 Attack Damage
Electrum Ingot
Block Of Black Steel
Black Steel Brick
Black Steel Ore
Black Steel Sword | +6 Attack Damage
Black Steel Ingot
Block Of Quicksilver
Quicksilver Brick
Quicksilver Ore
Quicksilver Sword | +7 Attack Damage
Quicksilver Ingot
Block Of Platinum
Platinum Brick
Platinum Ore
Platinum Sword | +5 Attack Damage
Platinum Ingot
Block Of Prometheum
Prometheum Brick
Prometheum Ore
Prometheum Sword | +5 Attack Damage
Prometheum Ingot
Block Of Haderoth
Haderoth Brick
Haderoth Ore
Haderoth Sword | +7 Attack Damage
Haderoth Ingot
Block Of Celenegil
Celenegil Brick
Celenegil Ore
Celenegil Sword | +7 Attack Damage
Celenegil Ingot
Block Of Tartarite
Tartarite Brick
Tartarite Ore
Tartarite Sword | +9 Attack Damage
Tartarite Ingot
Block Of Deep Iron
Deep Iron Brick
Deep Iron Ore
Deep Iron Sword | +6 Attack Damage
Deep Iron Ingot
Block Of Infuscolium
Infuscolium Brick
Infuscolium Ore
Infuscolium Ingot
Block Of Oureclase
Oureclase Brick
Oureclase Ore
Oureclase Sword | +6 Attack Damage
Oureclase Ingot
Block Of Carmot
Carmot Brick
Carmot Ore
Carmot Sword | +5 Attack Damage
Carmot Ingot
Block Of Mithril
Mithril Brick
Mithril Ore
Mithril Sword | +7 Attack Damage
Mithril Ingot
Block Of Rubracium
Rubracium Brick
Rubracium Ore
Rubracium Ingot
Block Of Orichalcum
Orichalcum Brick
Orichalcum Ore
Orichalcum Sword | +7 Attack Damage
Orichalcum Ingot
Block Of Adamantine
Adamantine Brick
Adamantine Ore
Adamantine Sword | +8 Attack Damage
Adamantine Ingot
Block Of Atlarus
Atlarus Brick
Atlarus Ore
Atlarus Sword | +8 Attack Damage
Atlarus Ingot
Block Of Astral Silver
Astral Silver Brick
Astral Silver Ore
Astral Silver Sword | +5 Attack Damage
Astral Silver Ingot
Block Of Manganese
Manganese Brick
Manganese Ore
Manganese Ingot
Block Of Ignatius
Ignatius Brick
Ignatius Ore
Ignatius Sword | +6 Attack Damage
Ignatius Ingot
Block Of Shadow Iron
Shadow Iron Brick
Shadow Iron Ore
Shadow Iron Sword | +6 Attack Damage
Shadow Iron Ingot
Block Of Lemurite
Lemurite Brick
Lemurite Ore
Lemurite Ingot
Block Of Midasium
Midasium Brick
Midasium Ore
Midasium Sword | +7 Attack Damage
Midasium Ingot
Block Of Vyroxeres
Vyroxeres Brick
Vyroxeres Ore
Vyroxeres Sword | +7 Attack Damage
Vyroxeres Ingot
Block Of Ceruclase
Ceruclase Brick
Ceruclase Ore
Ceruclase Sword | +7 Attack Damage
Ceruclase Ingot
Block Of Alduorite
Alduorite Brick
Alduorite Ore
Alduorite Ingot
Block Of Kalendrite
Kalendrite Brick
Kalendrite Ore
Kalendrite Sword | +7 Attack Damage
Kalendrite Ingot
Block Of Vulcanite
Vulcanite Brick
Vulcanite Ore
Vulcanite Sword | +7 Attack Damage
Vulcanite Ingot
Block Of Sanguinite
Sanguinite Brick
Sanguinite Ore
Sanguinite Sword | +8 Attack Damage
Sanguinite Ingot
Block Of Shadow Steel
Shadow Steel Brick
Shadow Steel Ore
Shadow Steel Sword | +7 Attack Damage
Shadow Steel Ingot
Block Of Inolashite
Inolashite Brick
Inolashite Ore
Inolashite Sword | +7 Attack Damage
Inolashite Ingot
Block Of Amordrine
Amordrine Brick
Amordrine Ore
Amordrine Sword | +7 Attack Damage
Amordrine Ingot
Block Of Eximite
Eximite Brick
Eximite Ore
Eximite Sword | +7 Attack Damage
Eximite Ingot
Block Of Meutoite
Meutoite Brick
Meutoite Ore
Meutoite Ingot
Block Of Desichalkos
Desichalkos Brick
Desichalkos Ore
Desichalkos Sword | +8 Attack Damage
Desichalkos Ingot

Properties and other parameters:

Unlike many similar ore addons, Cave Plus also focuses on the properties of each item. This means that, for example, weapons crafted from new ores have different parameters, including damage and durability.

How to install the Cave Plus Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Cave Plus Addon for Minecraft PE 1.13


. (1 September 2019 08:15)
Group: Guest
Its a shit, u can break ores with your hands and the swords do the same damage that hands.
This shit ruins survival

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