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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Storage Drawers PE Mod for Minecraft [IC]

Storage Drawers PE Mod for Minecraft [IC]

Storage Drawers is a fairly well-known Java mod that received an unofficial port for Pocket Edition of Minecraft. As before, it introduces a new and very convenient storage system. With some optimizations for touch devices, the mod contains a simplified list of drawers but captures the main ones. Now storing a massive amount of unsorted blocks is not a problem.

By: jett11
Ported by: Reider_

Storage Drawers PE Mod for Minecraft
Storage Drawers PE Mod for Minecraft
Storage Drawers PE Mod for Minecraft

What's already ported?

For Minecraft PE there are some subtleties in porting the interface and interaction with it. However, version 1.0 brings the core features of Storage Drawers on PC, optimized for mobile.

Storage Drawers PE Mod
Storage Drawers PE Mod
- Available blocks (1x1/1x2/2x2):

Oak Drawer
Brich Drawer
Acacia Drawer 
Big Drawer 
Spruce Drawer 
Jungle Drawer

- Upgrades:

Storage Upgrade (1-4)

- Interface

- Recipes

- Indicators


The essence of the mod is not to open the chest every time to take or put things in. Everything happens through a short or long tap, moving things back and forth. A chest filled with one type of item has a specific icon corresponding to the item or the one you put on it, as well as the number of items in the form of a filled scale.

How to install the Storage Drawers PE Mod?

1. Install Horizon Launcher.
2. Install InnerCore Pack.
3. Download the mod in the mod manager.

Download Storage Drawers Mod for Minecraft PE


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