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Power Tools Mod for Minecraft 1.19+

This is an updated version of Power Tools made as a MCPE addon for 1.19 and newer. Just 4 power tools will replace your entire set of primitive vanilla tools and here are the main features that make you choose them. First of all, any of the new tools greatly speeds up the mining process, saving you more time for other tasks.

By: MauBasSick

Types of power tools:

1. Chainsaw
2. Jack Hammer
3. Shaft Drill
4. Wide Bore Drill

Power Tools Mod for Minecraft 1.19
Power Tools Mod for Minecraft 1.19

How each tool works:

A chainsaw displaces an ax of any material - this is a thing that cuts down a whole tree. It is enough to cut down one block for the whole tree to drop, including the foliage. The diamond ax is several times slower, considering cutting down trees as units.

Power Tools Mod
Power Tools Mod
Other power tools have been added as fast and reliable ore and rock miners. For example, a drill breaks a 3x3 grid of blocks, speeding up the development of mines and obtaining tons of blocks.

Power Tools Mod

Crafting recipes:

How to install the Power Tools Mod?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings). 

Download Power Tools Mod for Minecraft PE 1.19+


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