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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Create PE Mod for Minecraft 1.19

Create PE Mod for Minecraft 1.19

Create PE​ is a mcpe-friendly version with many new tools and mechanics that are the pinnacle of the industrial age. A combination with a redstone is not excluded, but in fact a pack of these devices and mechanisms can work independently. Produce more resources, optimize your production, create your own transportation systems.

By: simibubi
Ported by: Ramcor14_Player

Tools and Blocks:

• Furnace Generator
• Seats
• Zinc Ore
• Furnace Engine
• Mechanical Belt
• GearBox
• GearShift
• Mechanical Piston Sticky
• Mechanical Piston
• Mechanical Drill
• Mechanical Saw
• Hand Crank
• Flywheel
• Mechanical Mixer
• Mechanical Press
• Basin
• Depot
• Water Wheel
• Cogwheel
• Chute
• Andesite Casing
• Shaft
• Elevator
• Receiver
• Transmitter
• Adjustable Pulse Repeater

Create PE Mod for Minecraft 1.19
Create PE Mod for Minecraft 1.19
Create PE Mod for Minecraft 1.19

Work examples:

Following on from the original Create Mod, the PE version offers a common set of devices used to create large mechs. What could these be? In fact, the range of applications is quite wide: from small production chains to large-scale enterprises. Their essence lies in the technical simplicity and you yourself can see how the gears are spinning, the belt is moving and the process is going on.

Create PE Mod
Create PE Mod
Create PE Mod

How to install the Create PE Mod?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings). 

Download Create PE Mod for Minecraft 1.18/1.19


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