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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » VeinMiner Mod v1.3 [Multiplayer Support] [IC]

VeinMiner Mod v1.3 [Multiplayer Support] [IC]

Vein Miner is a cool mining assistant in Minecraft PE. After all, it simplifies the extraction of ores thanks to the new mechanics, which is as follows: by breaking one ore block from a vein, it automatically drops the entire vein, thereby saving you from having to break each block individually.

By: MineExplorer

Meanwhile, as an addon for MCPE, there is Fast Miner, which combines Treecapitator and Vein Miner in one file. Plus it is supported by all platforms including Android and iOS.

VeinMiner Mod
VeinMiner Mod

What does Vein Miner work with?

Its domain is ores. They are iron, copper, gold, coal, lapis lazuli, redstone, diamonds, emeralds, nether quartz. After finding one vein, just break any of the blocks so that all the blocks drop.

VeinMiner Mod mcpe
VeinMiner Mod mcpe
This will save a lot of your time and also leave more durability for the tools to mine other blocks.

How to install the VeinMiner Mod? (Horizon version)

1. Download and install Horizon (necessary launcher).
2. Open the app and install the InnerCore pack.
3. Download the mod and add it using the launcher.

Download VeinMiner Mod v1.3 for Minecraft PE 1.16


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