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Dynamic Shadows Addon (1.18.20+)

Dynamic Shadows for Bedrock Edition of Minecraft are a reality today and this addon takes the first step in this direction. For Java, there are a lot of different shaders and mods that make shadows move. What about MCPE? Install this addon and get realistic shadows depending on the position of the sun for free. Note that these are the first versions and some points may not work correctly.

By: Worldwidebrine

Changelog v19:

- Added shadow when there is a block above

Dynamic Shadows Features:

Everything that is shown in the screenshots takes place only in combination with Mirai Shader shaders. However, the Dynamic Shadows Addon is able to work independently of textures and shaders.

Dynamic Shadows Addon
Dynamic Shadows Addon
In the base version for 1.18.20, shadows move according to a given algorithm - the sun as a source of light causes the shadows to move depending on where it is in the sky.

Dynamic Shadows Addon for Minecraft PE
Dynamic Shadows Addon for Minecraft PE

How it works?

In technical terms, scripts are responsible for this, so you should use the addon on Minecraft versions 1.18 and newer only. Previous versions have not been tested.

Dynamic Shadows
Dynamic Shadows
Dynamic Shadows


How to install the Dynamic Shadows Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcaddon) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Dynamic Shadows Addon for Minecraft 1.18.20+
Download Mirai Shader for Minecraft 1.18+


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Alisandro (10 May 2022 18:16)
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