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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Armor Case Addon v1.2 for MCPE 1.16/1.17

Armor Case Addon v1.2 for MCPE 1.16/1.17

Following the trend of updating all decorative and functional objects in Minecraft PE, Armor Case Addon adds a new, more modern armor stand designed to keep all armor items as before. The difference is the design that the stand received for modernization.

By: Most3rgu G4mes

Changelog v1.2:

- Added new armor stands
- Fixes

Armor Case Addon


In this design, the stand acts as a nice decoration for holding your armor. As always, you can store armor from any material, be it metals or wood, leather and others. Functionally, it does not differ from the vanilla armor stand, including interaction.

Armor Case Addon for MCPE
Armor Case Addon for MCPE
Armor Case Addon for MCPE

How do I get furniture in MCPE?

For those who are looking for a lot of furniture and electronics that fully correspond to the current versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition can install the RedredCraft Addon by following the link. This aesthetic addon brings over 70 pieces of furniture to any interior.

How to install the Armor Case Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Armor Case Addon v1.0 for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17
Download Armor Case Addon v1.2 for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17


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