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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Discholder PE Mod for Minecraft PE 1.16 [IC]

Discholder PE Mod for Minecraft PE 1.16 [IC]

This mod adds a new decorative block to Minecraft PE called a discholder! Now you have a new, aesthetic way to store music disks that you found in dungeons or knocked out of creepers using skeletons. The block is rotatable and can hold a maximum of 7 discs.


Discholder Features:

So, one block is intended for 7 disks that are stored in the same way as things in a chest, that is, until you break it. To put a disk you need to tap it on the diskholder, after which it will be in the slot at which you aimed. Likewise, you can take disk, just select the slot with the record you want to receive back.

Discholder PE Mod for Minecraft PE 1.16
The discholder is available in all 16 wool colors!

Discholder PE Mod
Discholder PE Mod

Dev API:

The mod provides a public API for creating your own holders and stands and adding your disks to an internal list of items that can be placed on the holder (only 13 vanilla disks are added there by default). Read more about using the API in the repository on GitHub.

Discholder PE is optimized for Horizon and supports multiplayer.

Crafting recipe:

How to install the Discholder PE Mod?

1. Download and install Horizon (launcher).
2. Open the app and install the InnerCore pack.
3. Download the mod and add it using the launcher.

Download Discholder PE Mod for Minecraft PE 1.16


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