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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Auto Plant Mod for Minecraft PE [IC]

Auto Plant Mod for Minecraft PE [IC]

Auto Plant Mod is some simplification for hardworking farmers in Minecraft PE. With this mod, you get one small feature related to farming and harvesting. Now when you harvest, you just need to easily tap on the crops that are ripe to get the harvest, after which the seeds will be planted automatically.

By: pomazuev2

Harvest - Plant the Seeds:

In the concept of MCPE, farming works like this: you plant a crop and wait for it to grow and ripe. But once you have harvested, you have to plant the seeds again, which quickly becomes boring and time-consuming.

Auto Plant Mod for Minecraft PE
To make instant planting, just tap on the farmland to replace the crop with seeds. It is easy and simple and ultimately increases farm productivity several times.

Auto Plant Mod

How to install the Auto Plant Mod?

1. Download and install Horizon (necessary launcher).
2. Open the Horizon app and install the InnerCore pack (via ModBrowser).
3. Download the mod and unzip it to: /games/horizon/packs/Inner_Core/innercore/mods/ or use the ModBrowser library.

Download Auto Plant Mod for Minecraft PE


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