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How to ride Bees Addon for MCPE

Minecraft PE 1.14 has just come out as beta, but players have already begun to work hard and here is the first addon related to bees. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition by default, you cannot fly on bees, it is physically not possible. But this problem is solved if you use the Rideable Bees Addon. Now when you see a bee and you have a honeycomb, do not deny yourself trying to fly on it just like riding a horse.

By: Jigarbov (Website)

How to ride bees in Minecraft PE 1.14?

It is unlikely that developers will add this feature in future updates, so start flying now. To sit on a bee, you need honeycombs that can be obtained from nests or hives. Go to the full article here to find out about bees, nests, honeycombs and honey and also download the current version - Minecraft PE 1.14.

What to do next?

Having tamed one bee, you can sit on it. To do this, just get as close to it as possible and tap on the button that appears. Now you can fly, but the bees are not able to fly high in the sky, because of which you will always be near the ground and at any time you can jump down, taking small damage.

How to ride Bees Addon for MCPE
How to ride Bees Addon for MCPE
How to ride Bees Addon for MCPE
As a transport, a bee is rather slow but this is an interesting experience if before that you only rode horses, pigs and donkeys. Ah yes, in the next updates (MCPE likely) the bees will get more changes regarding their behavior.

How to ride Bees Addon
How to ride Bees Addon
How to ride Bees Addon

How to install the How to ride Bees Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).
3. Experimental gameplay must be enabled.

Download How to ride Bees Addon for MCPE


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