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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Gravitation Suite Addon (IC2) for Minecraft PE

Gravitation Suite Addon (IC2) for Minecraft PE

Our scientists are pleased to present the latest scientific developments. After the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, June 1947, we have been reverse engineering for over 65 years. There have been numerous attempts to reproduce the gravitational engine of aliens, but they were unsuccessful until 2019. And now, after many years of research and work, we present our new development - a gravity set based on alien technologies.

By: vlad.gr2027

New items:


It is based on our advanced developments in the field of energy and the properties of iridium in combination with superconductors. 60,000,000 Eu energy storage with a charging speed of 100,000 Eu/t. The energy level is displayed on the screen. The location of the energy level can be changed in the config.

Gravitation Suite:

60,000,000 Eu energy storage. An improved version of the quantum suit with integrated lappack. Gravity engine that allows you to fly as if being creative while working! A full charge lasts for 20 minutes. The energy level is displayed on the screen.

Improved Jetpack:

3,000,000 Eu energy storage. Charges electric tools in your hand.

Superior Nano Suit:

3,000,000 Eu energy storage, has all the improved jetpack features.


The universal tool having 3 operating modes: wrench, treetap and hoe. 300,000 Eu energy storage.

Superior Diamond Drill:

35% faster than diamond drill. 2 times more energy consumption than diamond drill. It has 3 operating modes: "Normal mode", "Lower power" - speed and power consumption like a diamond drill, 'Big holes' - breaks blocks in the 3x3 zone, as in the same mode of an iridium drill.

Improved Chainsaw:

35% faster than electric saws. Energy consumption is x2 than that of electric saw.


Based on the destruction of intermolecular bonds using electromagnetic pulses. Instantly breaks any block in Minecraft PE (except bedrock), has a silk touch mode, damage: 25, spends 3333 Eu per hit.

Gravitation Suite Addon for Minecraft PE
Gravitation Suite Addon for Minecraft PE
Gravitation Suite Addon for Minecraft PE

How to install the Gravitation Suite Addon?

1. For the addon to work, IndustrialCraft2 PE pre-release 10+ is required.
2. Download IC2 and add the addon.

Download Gravitation Suite Addon for Minecraft PE


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I like it

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