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Plushies Addon for Minecraft PE

This version is so superior to the previous one that it would be better to put it in a separate post. Compared to the first update, the Plushies Addon has received many features, one of which is a huge assortment of toys. Now there are over 100 different variations of plush toys designed to decorate your home.

By: real_cr21

Most of the plushes are reduced soft mobs. Instead of teddy bears that are in almost every home, there are plushes creepers and zombies. In appearance, they are almost identical to the real mobs, but their limbs are made as if they were just a doll.

They can decorate any place and thanks to the huge amount you have the joyful opportunity not only to furnish your rooms but also to add a bit of coziness and comfort with these plushes.

Plushies Addon for Minecraft PE
It is preferable to play Minecraft Bedrock 1.10 and above since new villagers have recently been added. Use class-appropriate items to give a profession to your villager.

How to install the Plushies Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Plushies Addon for Minecraft PE


Hiphop (22 March 2020 11:26)
Group: Guest
Can u update this coz I need da beeeez
Khang (24 June 2019 18:08)
Group: Guest
Mod này khá hay

Mod náy hay nek nha

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