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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Venom mod for MCPE 1.7

Venom mod for MCPE 1.7

The excitement subsided a bit and now Venom is no longer a hype character like a month ago. The time has come to become this vicious super hero with his unique abilities and appearance. The Venom mod adds the main character from the movie to Minecraft PE and it is you who can become an experimental for symbiote.

By: MichelGamer

Venom mod for MCPE 1.7

Due to the fact that Venom is multifaceted and can not be implemented in full measure with all his abilities, here are a few modifications that you could already see. Perhaps the main one is the modification that adds Marvel superheroes and some of their features. Thus, you will fight with someone while you are in the body of Venom and possessing his weapons and skills.

Venom mod for MCPE 1.7
Venom mod for MCPE 1.7

Venom can do:

Venom shoots web - take the web item and shoot in any direction to instantly move there. The web has a recharge time but it is not long. In some cases, it can move you even through walls and blocks.

Tentacles of venom is a very terrible weapon that practically sucks the life out of its victims. Used in melee combat and does great damage to any living creature.

Venom mod for MCPE 1.7
Venom mod for MCPE 1.7

How to become Venom?

All that is required for this is Venom suit. Put on all its parts and you will automatically turn into Venom. Weapons and webshooter are items that can be obtained by typing /items.

Venom mod for MCPE 1.7

How to install the Venom mod?

1. Download the mod and run BlockLauncher.
2. Click on the wrench on the top of the screen, select ModPE and activate the file

Download Venom mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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