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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » More Swords mod for Minecraft PE 1.7

More Swords mod for Minecraft PE 1.7

This is a complete modification for Minecraft Bedrock Edition which is aimed at the melee weapon namely swords. Over 20 different swords are gathered here, from simple knives to soul absorber and laser sabers. Great attention was paid to details and how you would get these swords. For example, some of them are able to absorb the souls of your victims, making you stronger.

By: Mhafy.1016

More Swords mod for Minecraft PE 1.7
More Swords mod for Minecraft PE 1.7

Basically, each sword listed below is craftable and is made using new items and recipes. Unlike vanilla swords, they have more energy and power, and also store effects in themselves.

More Swords mod for Minecraft PE 1.7
More Swords mod for Minecraft PE 1.7

Start with the simplest swords and gradually forge more complex and expensive ones. Having a super sword you can alone confront any enemy in Minecraft PE.

New swords and items:

Ice Shard
Wurtzite Crystal
Blade of Thunder
Crimson Sword
Dark Blade
Frost Blade
Glacial Sword
Ignited Soul Stone
Soul Stone
Thunder Stone
Fire Stone
Fire Orb
Glaze Stone
Soul Block
Ignited Soul Block
Tungsten Ore
Wurtzite Ore
Light Saber Handle
Light Saber Blue
Light Saber Lightblue
Light Saber Green
Light Saber Red
Light Saber Yellow
Light Saber White
Light Saber Purple
Narrow Blade
Phantom Blade
Tungsten Block
Wurtzite Crystal Block
Adventurer Sword
Hell Blaze
Silver Edge
Soul Saber
Luxurious Sword
Nether Sword
Rainbow Sword
Shadow Brawler
Shifted Blade
Twisted Blade
Zombie Slayer

More Swords mod for Minecraft PE 1.7

How to install the More Swords mod?

1. Download the mod and run BlockLauncher.
2. Click on the wrench on the top of the screen, select ModPE and activate the file.

Download More Swords mod for Minecraft PE 1.7


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