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Ores Mod v2.4.3.1 for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Ores mod is a modification for Minecraft PE that diversifies routine visits to mines with a large number of new ores. What is most important is the fact that new ores do not affect normal survival in any way, and even vice versa, it will be more interesting for you to miner as new ore rocks have a vanilla structure and appearance.

By: MyrzicCotic666

Changelog v

Fixed solar panels bugs
Added two texture variants: 16x16 and the corresponding parameter in the config ("use_16x16_textures") or 64x64 (16x is default)
Added new items:
- Research chip
- Burnt chip
- Quantum Splitter chip
- Quantum Detector chip
- Density Controller chip
- Quantum energy storage
Added Laboratory mchine
Changed Mithril and malachite tools
Reduced radius and slightly increased the sapphire ore generation

With these you can create solar panels that generate EU energy, effective tools and various armor. Probably you've heard of the IndustrialCraft PE mod that contains a lot of different mechanical things and gadgets so the Ores mod is compatible with the latest version of IC2 and can slightly complement it with new features.

Existing ores:


Solar panels:

- Leadstone solar panel
- Hardend solar panel
- Redstone solar panel
- Resonant solar panel
- Advanced solar panel
- Ultimate solar panel

How to install the Ores mod?

1. Download and install Inner Core.
2. Copy the Ores mod folder here: games/com.mojang/mods.

Download Ores Mod v2.4.3.1 for Minecraft Pocket Edition


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Oh more ores yay

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