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Mo'decorations mod v1.2 for Minecraft PE

Mo'decorations mod can turn you into a modern hipster or fashionable gentleman. The modification adds a whole wardrobe consisting of things of different brands. You can wear Adidas sneakers, try on a beautiful shirt from Lacoste or put a Reebok cap on your head. A complete list of items and clothes is quite extensive, there are only 12 kinds of glasses beautifully complementing the appearance of any character.

Mo'decorations mod v1.2 for Minecraft PE

Clothes and footwear:

Glasses [12 types]
Bandanas [11 types]
Masks [12 types]
T-shirts [12 types]
Sweatshirts [12 types]
Shirts [4 types]
Jeans [3 types]
Joggers [5 types]
Breeches [12 types]
Shorts [12 types]
Sneakers [12 types]
Hats [2 types]

Sewing items:

Jeans fabric

Rubber and additional components


Tosts [4 types]
Jam [5 types]
Yogurt [4 types]
Ice cream and cream cone [6 types]
Juices and mugs [6 types]
Caramel and lollipops [12 types]
Cooking products (dough, flour, spices and other)

Bushes generated around the world:

Look for these bushes and collect the fruits


Lamps, shelves, tables and other

Mo'decorations mod v1.2 for Minecraft PE

Crafting recipes:

Virtually every Mo'decorations item has a unique recipe that you will find in the game. In fact, they are quite logical. So for example you will need berries (grow on the bushes), milk and jam to make yogurt.

Mo'decorations mod v1.2 for Minecraft PE

Clothing can be sewn with a special set for sewing and fabric, depending on what you want to get. Pay attention to the fact that the clothes can be of different colors and patterns. Some T-shirts have drawings and prints, so you will be interested in crafting all types and then create a whole wardrobe of things.

Mo'decorations mod v1.2 for Minecraft PE
Changelog v1.2:
Bugfixes (+ crashes)

How to install the Mo'decorations mod?

1. Download and install Inner Core.
2. Copy the Factory Craft folder here: games/com.mojang/mods.

Download Mo'decorations mod for Minecraft PE
Download Mo'decorations mod v1.2 for Minecraft PE


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