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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Sparks Hammers Mod v3.0 for Minecraft PE [IC]

Sparks Hammers Mod v3.0 for Minecraft PE [IC]

With this mod, you can forget about vanilla tools, but rather just throw them away, they will no longer be needed. Initially, the Sparks Hammers mod was created for Minecraft Java and is now ported to Minecraft Pocket Edition. It is intended for miners and diggers tired of this routine. As you know, any tool in MCPE can only get one block for one tap but not in this mod.

By: nkjgjg

Changelog v3.0:

- Total rewrite
- Optimized for Horizon

Changelog v2.0:

- New hammers and excavators
- Support for IndustrialCraft PE, Forestry PE, ThermalExpansion PE, and AlTech's materials

Tool types:

Mini - extracts three blocks either horizontally or vertically.
Regular - extracts blocks within a radius of 3x3.
Giant - gets blocks within a radius of 9x9, get ready for small lags during the game.
Nether star - destroys the area of 3x3 with a depth of 16 blocks.
Mjolnir - the destructive hammer causing thunder. Operates every 10 seconds after recharging.

Crafting recipes:

Important: Sparks Hammers has a new hammers GUI, pay attention to the position of the elements in it.

Watch the video below to see all the features of this wonderful modification.

How to install the Sparks Hammers mod?

1. Download and install Inner Core.
2. Download the mod [.icmod].
3. Open it using IC.

Download Sparks Hammers Mod v1.1
Download Sparks Hammers Mod 2.0
Download Sparks Hammers Mod 3.0


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Alguien me dice como puedo ponerlo en el minecraft
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helo tat ca
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