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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Mining Helmet mod for MCPE

Mining Helmet mod for MCPE

The most effective and less labor-intensive way to illuminate dark places in Minecraft is a torch. This is truly the best thing for these purposes but it has cons: although it is quite simple and easy in crafting, but you will need a whole stack to light a large mine for mining resources. A narrow beam of light is the second problem that prevents you from seeing everything that is around.

Mining Helmet mod for MCPE


  • Helmet lights the area like a torch
  • Lighting is dynamic and moves along with the player
  • Does not require fuel

The miner's helmet will help you dig so deep mines that you did not even dream about. This helmet is able to illuminate the area around enough to see at a distance of 10 blocks. Therefore, you can move in any direction and see all the walls and ores in the nearest radius.

Crafting recipe:

Mining Helmet mod for MCPE

How to install Mining Helmet:

1. Install InnerCore.
2. Open MiningHelmet.icmod.

Download Mining Helmet mod for MCPE


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