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Mineall mod for Minecraft PE (MCBE)

Mineall mod is a tool that allows you to instantly break the same ore blocks without spending a lot of effort. That is, you can break only one block of three to break them all. Drop will appear in place of the first block that you broke. This is really useful when you spend a lot of time in mines mining ore and blocks in large quantities.

By: nkjgjg

Mineall mod for Minecraft PE (MCBE)

The principle of this mod is shown below. Just pick up a pickaxe and break the first block. After that, the neighboring ore blocks break down after the first one. This will be a rescue in those cases where you find large ore deposits and would not like to break each block separately. In addition, the mod works well with other IC mods which for the most part add a lot of new ores.


How to install the Mineall mod?

1. Download and install Inner Core.
2. Open the downloaded file using IC.

Download Mineall mod for Minecraft PE / MCBE


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