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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Project Superhuman PE Mod v6.4 for Minecraft PE 1.12+

Project Superhuman PE Mod v6.4 for Minecraft PE 1.12+

Perhaps, Project Superhuman is the most advanced mod for Minecraft PE adds 36 superheroes. Just want to warn that this is not an addon so you need BL and a minute to install. But any addon can not compare with these features, because Project Superhuman is not limited only to the superhero suits, it adds weapons and things that relate to this or that suphero.
By: ElectricGames1

Important: the mod is pretty massive so there may be bugs.

Changelog v6.4 (+Fixed version):

Bug fixes.
Added new items and suits.
Minecraft PE 1.12 and 1.13 support.

Project Superhuman PE Mod
Project Superhuman PE Mod
Project Superhuman PE Mod

Changelog v6.3:

Added suits control buttons: F; R; G; Nomask.
No-mask allows you to open the helmet visor.
Added many new items.
Daredevil's suit.
Updated Flash's suit.

There are almost all the most popular superheroes from the Marvel and DC universes. All of them have unique abilities but to become a superhero you need to put on a super suit and take super things. Without them, nothing happens. As you can see, the creator wanted to add not only good superheroes, but also very popular evil ones.


All superheroes:

The Flash (Barry Allen) - 1350p
Nightclawer - 900p
Wolverine - 1600p
Spider-Man (Peter Parker) - 1800p
Deadpool - 1800p
Hulk - 2000p
Superman - 2000p
Captain America - 1800p
Storm - 800p
Iron Man (Model 26) - 1600p
Batman - 1800p
Green Arrow - 1350p
Daredevil - 500p
Thor - 2250p
Colossus - 1200p
Quicksilver - 1200p
Aquaman - 2250p
Catwoman - 900p
Things - 1200p
Joker - 800p
Harley Quinn - 500p
Deadshot - 1600p
Vision - 2000p
Martian Manhunter - 2000p
Scarlet Witch - 2000p
X-23 - 1600p
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) - 400p
Ambush Bug - 400p
American Chibi - 2000p
Blue Bleetlev(Tek Kord) - 450p
Booster Gold - 1350p
Captain Atom - 2000p
Captain Marvel (Carol Danves) - 2000p
Deathstroke - 2000p
Gold Star - 1200p
And also things, mechanisms and weapons

How to get a superhero suit?

There are several options but the main one is the Hero Suits catalog. It contains all the available suits that can be purchased by spending points. If you have accumulated enough points, open the catalog and take the costume you want to receive. In addition to the costume, some things specific to the chosen superhero are attached.

If you are playing creative mode then just open the inventory and take all the elements of the suit. Wearing them you will have super strength and some super abilities. Super running, hyper jumps, effects, flying and other abilities can be useful in any situation, especially in the fight against villains.

YT review:

How to install the Project Superhuman PE Mod?

1. Download this mod and BlockLauncher here.
2. Unzip the downloaded archive.
3. Run BL and select ModPE -> activate the mod file.

Download Project Superhuman PE Mod v6.0 for Minecraft PE
Download Project Superhuman PE Mod v6.3 for Minecraft PE
Download Project Superhuman PE Mod v6.4 for Minecraft PE
Download Project Superhuman PE Mod v6.4 Fixed for Minecraft PE


John (26 December 2020 03:48)
Group: Guest
This is also a very good post which I really enjoy reading. It is not everyday that I have the possibility to see something like this.
Lucas Correia Dos Santos CALDAS (2 July 2019 07:06)
Group: Guest

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