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EvilCraft PE Mod for Minecraft PE

The time has come when blood is the main energy and its extraction is more important than the extraction of conventional resources. EvilCraft PE adds not only blood but also things to work with, store and extract. Like any other, the mod is at an early stage and is a ported version of the popular original EvilCraft mod for Minecraft Java.

By: zayne.youtube


  • Blood is the main source of energy, it can be used in mechanisms and weapons.
  • There are unique mechanisms for storing blood and also objects that can absorb blood.
  • Recycle blood into other items.
  • There are new crafting recipes, do not rush to turn on the creative mode.
  • Kill mobs to get the cherished items

EvilCraft PE works only on Inner Core and needs testing, as this is only the first beta version and you can easily find bugs.

EvilCraft PE Mod for Minecraft PE


Spanish update:

A lot of things translated into Spanish.

Changelog Release v1.0:

Reduced staffs damage.
Added new Thunderstorm Scepter - 50 damage.
Added scepter materials.

Changelog Beta 2 + Fix:

Added Evildead Tree.
Added Vengeance pickaxe (Luck=10, strength=256).
At the moment the pickax works only on vanilla ores.
Fixed revenge pickaxe.



How to install the EvilCraft PE Mod?

1. Download and install Inner Core.
2. Copy the EvilCraft folder here: games/com.mojang/mods.

Download EvilCraft PE mod Beta 1 for Minecraft PE
Download EvilCraft PE mod Beta 2 for Minecraft PE
Download EvilCraft PE mod Beta 2 Fix for Minecraft PE
Download EvilCraft PE mod Release for Minecraft PE
Download EvilCraft PE mod Spanish update for Minecraft PE


Ana (18 March 2021 22:05)
Group: Guest
Me en canta el mod del vanpiris
Jju (23 September 2020 14:57)
Group: Guest
Guardia.scp (18 July 2020 15:24)
Group: Guest
Cómo se descarga esta cosa ??? Porfa dígame
David Alfredo Leon (3 February 2018 09:54)
Group: Guest
One mistake is that the vanilla minerals do not let you get them in any way
Joaquin (30 January 2018 13:27)
Group: Guest
Esta muy buena
Luciano (14 January 2018 22:11)
Group: Guest
Disculpen hay un fallo en el mod el cual cuando pico alg?n mineral de minecraft vanilla este no me lo da pero si lo pico con el pico de venganza si me los da. Por favor solucionen eso, es.un gran mod. Ademas los mobs no sueltan sangre.

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