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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Instant Structures mod for MCPE Bedrock

Instant Structures mod for MCPE Bedrock

This mod is for super lazy players or for those who do not want to duplicate the same buildings several times. In fact, the Instant Structures mod is perhaps the most convenient concept for instant construction. You need to complete the following steps to deploy the finished building.

1) Craft a structure block which is the basis for the other buildings.
2) Craft one or more instant structures blocks. It is these blocks that contain the buildings inside.
3) Place the resulting block where you want to see the structure and then tap on it. After a moment, the expected structure will appear in that place.

Instant Structures mod for MCPE Bedrock

As you can see, it's very simple, but keep in mind that you can not collapse the structure back, just destroy it.

Instant structures:

  • Well
  • Art
  • Miniature fountain
  • Fence
  • Cumbersome fountain
  • Mini farm
  • Enchantment room

All recipes can be seen in the archive. They are not complicated so you can prepare several blocks in advance and go to find a new place for the house and then immediately deploy the structure.

How to install the Instant Structures mod?

Download this mod and BlockLauncher here.
Unzip the downloaded archive.
Run BL and select ModPE -> activate the mod file (Instant Structure Mod.js).
The mod is installed!

Download Instant Structures mod for MCPE Bedrock


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