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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Minecraft 1.14 or Bedrock 1.4 Mobs addon

Minecraft 1.14 or Bedrock 1.4 Mobs addon

On November 1, Minecraft developers demonstrated images of mobs, one of which will be added to the game as a result of a vote that will take place during Minecon Earth. You can see the screenshot yourself and draw some conclusions.

By: StarkTMA_YT

Minecraft 1.14 or Bedrock 1.4 Mobs addon

Presented mobs

Based on the image, you can try to guess what the mobs are, make assumptions about their behavior and habitat. Although it is quite difficult to understand this, relying only on appearance.

A. Underwater mob

It's not hard to guess that the first mob is marine. And this option will be aggressive in contrast to the squid, which is already in Minecraft. It has something like a fin, a long tail and a tentacle

B. Flying or underwater?

Most likely this flying creature is based on dinosaurs. But in the addon it is an underwater creature, similar to a ramp.

Minecraft 1.14 or Bedrock 1.4 Mobs addon

C. A land creature

A huge head and a small body are just a bait for beginners. Probably it will be no less dangerous than a creeper or a skeleton, but we do not exactly know how it will behave in different situations.

D. Super Blaze

Minecraft 1.14 or Bedrock 1.4 Mobs addon

Looking at this creature, many people have different associations, but everyone agrees that it looks like a blaze. Either way, it will be stronger than the original yellow killers and probably become the new boss.

The Bedrock 1.4 Mobs addon is just a fantasy of the author, that is, if the appearance of the mobs was created by the screenshot, then their behavior and abilities are just fiction.

How to install the addon?

1. Start the game and go to settings.
2. Activate the downloaded files (the resource and behavior packs).

Download Minecraft 1.14 or Bedrock 1.4 Mobs addon


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