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Botania PE Mod (Minecraft PE)

Another mod (do not confuse with the Botania PE mod) is developed on CoreEngine and adds new items, mechanisms and recipes. This mod is much simpler than the previous one, but if you are looking for a small industrial mod for Minecraft, then for sure you will be interested in testing it.

Changelog v0.1:

Rebuilding for InnerCore
Water hydrangea
Day flower
Petal pharmacist
Mana pool
Pure daisy
Manastal, armor and tools from it

Botania PE Mod (Minecraft PE)
Botania PE Mod (Minecraft PE)
Botania PE Mod (Minecraft PE)

New items:

Mana dust
Mana steel
Mana diamond
Mana pearls
Hot water
Mana water
Life stone
Life furnace
Life stick
Living tree
Mana tools

The main concept of Botania PE is to improve tools and extract new resources. At this stage of development, the mod contains a set of new tools, mana and other items used in crafting. It is difficult to describe anything since this is only the beginning and more information will appear in the next versions.


Botania PE crafting recipes:

Botania PE Mod (Minecraft PE)

How to install the Botania PE mod?

1: Install CoreEngine (link) / Install Inner Core (if you downloaded the updated version from 0.1).
2: Move the ManaMod folder to games\com.mojang\mods.
3: Start the game and play.

Download Botania PE (CE) for Minecraft PE
Download Botania PE v0.1 (IC) for Minecraft PE


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