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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Coordinate addon (Minecraft PE 1.2)

Coordinate addon (Minecraft PE 1.2)

The Coordinate addon is an indispensable addition for Minecraft PE without which experienced players simply can not play. It adds the actual coordinates for all worlds to the lower right corner of the screen. This arrangement of coordinates does not obscure the view and is always visible. Coordinates are updated in real time every second and always displayed on the screen. This feature is more convenient than typing a command or connection of third-party mods.

Creator: RyFol

Coordinate addon (Minecraft PE 1.2)

If the coordinates are not an important element for you or you want to hide them then download the Map Coordinates addon. Using it, your coordinates will be displayed only when you open the world map. Probably, it will be pleasant to those who does not like to add superfluous elements on the screen.

How to install the Coordinate addon:

1. Download the addon and open it using MCPE.
2. Start the game and activate the addon in the world settings.

Download Coordinate addon (Minecraft PE 1.2)


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