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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » New Things for Minecraft PE 1.2

New Things for Minecraft PE 1.2

This is the first addon on our site that adds new things while the original items remain the same. Perhaps the development of addons will reach a level when modifications become useless or not much different, but it will not be soon, while we offer you to download a small MCPE addon with new things.

Creator: solvedDev
Changes in v1.1.0:
Added new blocks, list below.
New types of villagers. Look for them in villages as before, each villager has a specific name and sells only a limited list of goods.

New Things for Minecraft PE 1.2

Basically, here are the building blocks for the decoration of structures. The rest of the items are just enlarged copies of existing gemstones, potions and apples, but they look good on tables, shelves or window sills.

New Things for Minecraft PE 1.2

Item list:

Golden apple
Experience bottle
Dragon breath
Carved planks acacia
Carved planks big oak
Carved planks birch
Carved planks jungle
Carved planks oak
Carved planks spruce
Carved concrete (16)
Big oak bookshelf
Birch bookshelf
Blurry quartz
Blurry quartz chiseled
Blurry quartz pillar
Chain command blocks
Chiseled sandstone
Furnance burning
Furnance empty
Gravel grass
Sandstone brick
Shelf acacia
Shelf spruce
Skull block
Smiling pumpkin
Smooth sand
Straw bottom
New Things for Minecraft PE 1.2

How to get the blocks?

You have two ways to get new things: talk to new villagers who are engaged in trade. They will give you new blocks or items in exchange for what they need. This is a perfectly normal way to survive, you just need to find a village and collect the necessary resources.

New Things for Minecraft PE 1.2
New Things for Minecraft PE 1.2

The second way is the console commands. Type / give @p [name] to instantly receive the item in your inventory. Commands require the option to be activated in your world settings.

Download New Things for Minecraft PE 1.2
Download New Things v1.1 for Minecraft PE 1.2


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