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Blood Magic PE mod (MCPE 1.1)

Now it all depends on the blood because the Blood Magic PE mod adds a lot of new items that consume blood and energy to Minecraft Pocket Edition. You get altars, magic sigils, a knife for sacrifice, weapons and armor, alchemical blocks, new recipes and much more. Today's version contains about 100 items, some of them do not work yet but in the next updates this will be fixed.

Blood Magic PE mod (MCPE 1.1)


With the help of these magic spheres you can create water and lava flows, get useful effects or use for other purposes. There are 12 sigils that can be obtained both in the creative and survival modes using new crafting recipes.

Water sigil creates a 1 block water flow
Lava sigil creates a 1 block lava flow
Void sigil transforms the selected block into a void
Torch sigil creates an invisible torch illuminating a small area
Fast mining sigil accelerates resource extraction x3
Divination sigil shows LP of entities
Elemental affinity sigil gives effects
Sigil of holding has 4 slots that can store other sigils
Sigil of magnetism is a funnel that sucks nearby objects into the player's inventory
Sigil of the blood lamp lights the way with light shots and also sets fire to nearby creatures.
Sigil of phantom bridge creates an invisible platform
Sigil of the whirlwind protects the player from arrows and shells

Blood Magic PE mod (MCPE 1.1)

Tools and weapons

Bound tool set is a magic tools with infinite durability and very high speed of breaking blocks. Unlike standard tools, these ones consume LP and therefore you need energy to charge them.
Bound sword is used for attacks with a weakness effect and also for collecting blood.

Blood Magic PE mod (MCPE 1.1)

Special blocks

Blood Altar
Blood Rune
Speed Rune
Self-Sacrifice Rune
Sacrifice Rune
Rune Of Augmented Capacity
Rune Of Dislocation
Phantom Block
Imperfect Ritual Stone
Ritual Stone
Master Ritual Stone
Large Blood Stone Brick
Blood Stone Brick

Blood Magic PE mod (MCPE 1.1)
Blood Magic PE mod (MCPE 1.1)

These blocks are used to obtain LP or for storage, alchemy and crafting ingredients. You can see more information on the Blood Magic wiki. The article will be supplemented after the release of new versions.

How to install the Blood Magic PE mod:

1. Download the mod and open BlockLauncher (download here).
2. Open BL, click on the wrench and install the texture pack (resources), and then the mod.


Download Blood Magic PE mod (MCPE 1.1)


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