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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Sentry Turrets for Minecraft PE 1.1.4

Sentry Turrets for Minecraft PE 1.1.4

Any large base needs protection, but the player alone can not control the entire territory. To solve this issue, you can download the Sentry Turrets addon and get 2 types of turrets (although they are not very similar to the turrets in the usual view).

Sentry Turrets for Minecraft PE 1.1.4

The first type is designed to attack opponents, in other words any enemy will be attacked and destroyed if the turret notices it in its range. The second type of turrets is created specifically to restore the health of peaceful creatures including players. It's really better to use instead of eating food or potions.

Sentry Turrets for Minecraft PE 1.1.4

The turrets replaced golems, which is quite reasonable, just build a sculpture of summoning an iron golem and forget about opponents. But be prepared for the fact that the turrets have not so much health so if the enemy is very strong then the turret will live no more than a minute.

How to install the Sentry Turrets?

Download the addon and unzip.
Start the game and activate the addon (behavior and textures) in the game settings.

Download Sentry Turrets for Minecraft PE 1.1.4


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