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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Mine Wagon addon for MCPE 1.0.X

Mine Wagon addon for MCPE 1.0.X

Horses are one of the features of MCPE where you can ride a horse. But unfortunately, the latest version of the game does not contain any changes related to the equines. Mine-Wagon adds a cart for your horse, which replaces the chest and can carry your stuff. The wagon does not look impressive, but it is possible it will be changed to a more realistic in the future version.

Mine Wagon addon for MCPE 1.0.X

The wagon is connected with you and keep the same number of items as the chest. To open the wagon you need to wait for the Open button after a long press. You can not connect the wagon with a horse or a donkey, you need to keep the wagon on a leash, and then mount the horse. Yes, it's not so cool, but the wagon will follow you in any case.

Mine Wagon addon for MCPE 1.0.X

The wagons can be added to Minecraft PE 1.1 together with the other great items, read more here.

Download Mine Wagon addon for MCPE 1.0.X


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