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GameTest Framework for Minecraft PE / Bedrock

What is GameTest Framework?

The framework was first integrated into Minecraft in February 2021 in beta. It is designed to test the content added to the game by the add-ons being developed, although if you wish, you can also test the behavior of the default game mechanics.

Testing and checking how the addon being developed works is an essential part of creating Minecraft Bedrock Edition addons. Ultimately, the GameTest framework allows you to create small checks that take a fraction of the time.

To do this, you create a small add-on that contains a structure within which you need to conduct testing and a script describing the necessary testing conditions. For example, spawning certain mobs that will have to fight, and according to the results, one of them must survive or hide or bury themselves in the ground. The test is passed if the necessary condition is met.

Creating your own tests:

Built-in tests are interesting, but the main purpose of the framework is to test in-house developments. In this case, one command is not enough. You need to create your own test addon, which includes structures and test scripts. Follow the link teaching you how to build your own tests in Minecraft PE - Building your first GameTest.

GameTest Framework for Minecraft PE / Bedrock

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