» » $1 Million for Marketplace creators

$1 Million for Marketplace creators

The creators of maps, textures and skins for Minecraft PE earned 1 million US dollars! It is about the participants of the partnership program, which allows the author-partners to sell their work in the Minecraft store for virtual coins.

This program does not work very long, starting with Minecraft Pocket / Win 10 Edition 1.1, which was released on June 1. In fact, we are talking about profits for three months. At the same time, only 9 participants were accepted into Marketplace initially, and then 3 more participants were added to them.

Now, Microsoft will receive another bunch of requests to accept them in the partner program. Moreover, after the release of the Better Together Update, the owners of Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will also be added to the number of players, potential buyers in the future.


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