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Fill command (Minecraft PE 0.16.0)

After testing MCPE 0.16, you could find a new command to fill the selected area. With this new command, you can fill the selected area with any blocks, while spending a couple of seconds.

In the past you had to use helper scripts for solving this problem, but now this opportunity is in the game initially. You can watch a video in which the author builds TNT wall.

To fill the area you want to perform 2 simple steps.

1. Select coordinates

You need to select two points [/tp] in opposite corners (the picture below).

Fill command (Minecraft PE 0.16.0)

2. Filling

Fill command (Minecraft PE 0.16.0)

Enter the command with the coordinates. At the end, select the block you want to fill the area. After the command, you will get what you wanted.

Video guide:


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