» » Minecraft PE 0.16.0 - Realese date!

Minecraft PE 0.16.0 - Realese date!

It will be a shock to many, but it's true! Look more closely Twitter page of one of the developers, we have noticed the shocking tweet. Tomasso wrote that the estimated release date of Minecraft PE 0.16.0 - 2029.

Minecraft PE 0.16.0 - Realese date!

For those who do not understand, Tomasso hinted not to ask stupid questions about future versions of Minecraft PE 0.16.0. Currently it is too early to talk about future innovations in MCPE 0.16, when we are witnessing beta testing of MCPE 0.15.1!

Expected release date: the end of 2016, and chill out !!!


A concerned crafter (23 December 2016 15:06)
Group: Guest
Anyone know HOW to find coordinates in the most current mc pe?
I cant find anything!
Oskar (31 August 2016 09:49)
Group: Guest
Nguyenminh (7 August 2016 18:08)
Group: Guest
ThirstyForRedstone (27 June 2016 04:04)
Serve the Dumb Question A.K.A DQ-People... Too early to ask about the Next Update MCPE and there he goes the developer got tempest for those asking the silly question, c'mon guy CHILLEX and have some Hot Tea's for some refreshing mind...
Otavio Henrique (24 June 2016 08:31)
Group: Guest
Just is a truly troll, certainty he was angry with the constant questions :V

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